Downtown Art

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Do you have an interest in the City’s Downtown Public Art Project? Our Public Art Steering Committee currently has 5 vacancies for those who enjoy public art and have an interest in being part of the team effort to make decisions on future selections.

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  • Dreamsicle


    About the Artist: Nathan Pierce Born and raised in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Nathan obtained his arts education from Southeast Missouri State University, where he received his BFA in sculpture. Brought up in a middle class home of four brothers and sisters, his father, a third generation stone mason [...]

  • Natural Embrace

    Natural Embrace

    About the Artist: Paul Hill The Venus Flytrap is a plant that is only found in this small area of North Carolina. What better way to represent this small, fragile plant than by creating a huge monument to its existence. The sculpture “Natural Embrace”, which won Best of [...]

  • The Flight

    The Flight

    About the Artist: Phil Hathcock “My job as a sculptor is to seek sculpture from hidden places and reveal it for the world to see. Stone being my main medium, I search quarries for parts that will eventually be assembled into sculpture. Flight was started with a weathered [...]

  • Genesis


    About the Artist: Charles Pilkey “Each material has its own voice. I like stone because it comes from the Earth and thus provides a much-needed spiritual link to nature. Moreover, because of the unmoving, timeless qualities of the material, viewing stone sculpture can slow us down, offering rest in [...]