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- George Bernard Shaw

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Downtown Art


Call to Artists

The Downtown Development Department of the City of Goldsboro announces a Call to Artists for 2 new mural projects  in downtown Goldsboro – an exterior facade mural and 6 pedestrian crosswalk murals.

These projects are part of an ongoing effort to create a thriving public art environment to enhance Goldsboro’s uniqueness and support downtown’s economic development strategy. Funding made possible by One Main Financial, in partnership with the National Main Street Center.

Statements of interests and qualifications are currently being accepted for both projects.

Mural Submission Deadline: March 14th

Click here for more info.

Crosswalk Art Submission Deadline: March 19th

Click here for more info.

The “Earth” Without “Art” is Just “Eh.”

Love art? Join our diverse committee of art-minded community members and have a front row seat to the annual public art selection. Click here to apply.

Explore the 2017-2018 public art pieces below. Learn more about the artists behind each sculpture and how the community can rent or purchase their favorites. Don’t like what you see? Don’t worry! A new set of sculptures will be unveiled in October. 

  • Don

    About the Artist: Jonathan Bowling grew up on a small farm in Kentucky, where the Appalachian Mountains melt into the rolling hills of the Bluegrass. His first sculptural efforts were the simple games of childhood--fieldstone castles, a bridle of hay twine, a driftwood armada. As a teenager in the [...]

  • Arriving Home

    About the Artist: Charlie Brouwer   The more complicated life seems, the more meaningful home is to Charlie Brouwer, so he has been doing a series of "homebodies" for some of his outdoor sculptures. "Arriving Home" is acting out one of Charlie's favorite parts of having a home. [...]

  • Midsummer

    About the Artist: Hanna Jubran "Midsummer" is a sculpture created to identify the moment of celebration in nature. The use of color and form embodies growth, playfulness, and change. Red and Orange represents the warmth and growth of summer. The blue represents water. Hanna Jubran's interest in the [...]

  • July Leaves

    About the Artist: Bob Doster Bob has been working on leaf sculptures off and on for the past 20 years which are inspired by nature. As a young boy, he would explore the oak forest around his home. The fall is his favorite time because of the colors and the [...]

The “Earth” Without “Art” is Just “Eh.”

Have you found all of the public art pieces downtown? The following 4 sculptures can be found along Center Street. These pieces are selected by a diverse committee of art-minded community members and changed out annually. Don’t like what you see? Don’t worry, a group of fresh pieces will be unveiled each October.