The City of Goldsboro agreed to fund a study to create a Master Plan of the Greater Downtown Goldsboro area April 13, 2006. The intent of the process and document was to develop a plan and vision for the commercial district of downtown and its surrounding historic residential neighborhoods. The City hired Allison Platt & Associates to prepare the Master Plan. The City and the Downtown Goldsboro Development Corporation Board of Directors (DGDC) worked together with Ms. Platt to complete the project and to guide its development with the assistance of public input from four public forums and numerous personal stakeholder interviews. From beginning to end, the process to complete the Plan took fourteen months.

Through this collective partnership, it is estimated that once the Plan is implemented to its fullest potential, an estimated $178 million of investment will be realized. It is important to note that the Plan has a 10-year horizon and will take time and cooperation to achieve the goals identified in the Plan. The overall vision of the Plan is ambitious yet achievable with committed community leaders, persistence and a continued interest to keep our standards elevated.

download the full downtown master plan

Plan Highlights

  1. Appearance of the approaches into downtown and the scope of work created by the Plan identifies a need for both public and private investments within the area identified
  2. Creation of adequate wayfinding signs
  3. Expansion of downtown edges into the historic residential neighborhoods
  4. More residential and mixed uses in the downtown core
  5. The continued consideration of potential sites of catalyst uses and their potential major impacts to downtown and the city at-large
  6. Attention to open space hierarchy and streetscapes
  7. Concentrate on character and image