About the Artist: Paul Hill studied graphic design at Kent State University.  After college, he pursued a career in graphic design and commercial illustration. He picked up a piece of flat stainless steel that he fashioned into a riveted angel for his wife. Encouraged by winning the Queen’s Award and the purchase of art at an Azalea Festival Show in Wilmington, he continued working in steel and mixed media, teaching himself to weld, cut and shape steel. There were many other incidents along this journey that continued to help reinforce his interest in this art form. Hill now have sculpture in public & private locations, from Carolina to Colorado.  For more:  www.paulhillsculpture.com

About the Piece: For No Apparent Reason is a representation of the goats in Morocco that climb the Argan tree to eat the fruit at the end of the branches.  The goats seem to put themselves in very precarious positions at the end of spindly, seemingly unsafe branches. While standing on a seed pod, the goat is looking at a seed pod on the ground.  I prefer to let the audience make their own personal interpretation of the art.  Paul states: “This represents a metaphor of the precarious positions we as humans put ourselves, for no apparent reason. Is it greed or lust that drives us to find ourselves there…?”