About the Artist: Ben Pierce lives and works in rural Southeast Missouri, where he was born. Raised on traditional values, honesty and hard work, Ben learned to work with his hands.  Later, Pierce served 4 years in the military, a place that reinforced the idea of sacrifice and hard work. Attending and graduating from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, Pierce gained a direction to focus his skills.   “I knew there was not going to be a [sculpture] ‘job’ waiting for me [after college] and that I would have to find my own way, and that takes diligence. That’s something I learned growing up”, Peirce has said.  Pierce builds work that represents the world around him, from personal experiences to nature. In doing so he creates shapes that are universally identifiable.  Pierce constructs simple geometric forms to capture the viewers’ interest and stir their emotions.  Strong linear/diagonal lines contrasted by curvilinear shapes and, negative space are large aspects of Pierce’s work that helps to create tension to capture and focus the surrounding space. He is inspired by nature and the growth of young seedlings and is interested in our relationship with nature- the viewer is very significant to this concept for Pierce For more:  www.benpiercesculpture.com.

About the Piece: Universal Inseparability “My work has been a reflection of an internal search to discover who I am and how I fit into the world around me. I attempt to create ideas and feelings utilizing geometric and curvilinear design and non representational shapes.”